What is the Colosso Adventure series?

By Campana Productions

The Colosso Adventures

2013 the Colosso Adventure is back!

All the fun of the origonal Colosso Adventures is being remade and released this year! Try the Shareware version Beta test today!

Here are some screen shots from the new game.

Screen Peek Screen Peek Screen Peek Screen Peek Dragon Ship

Listed below are information and screen shots from the origonal games and story line of the first games ever made by Campana Productions. These DOS games are no longer available, but they are the basis for the new and much more exciting Colosso Adventure.

The Colosso game series was a childhood dream come true for me. As I was growing up I would always say I wanted to make Saturday morning cartoons or work for a big game company making video games. As I grew older and technology grew faster and cheaper. I found I could do these things on my own. With the help of the internet and computers I could not only make my own games but I could market them as well. Most games I played came from big company names, and I used things I liked and disliked to base a new game series around. The first games were released in four parts. They are:1. Escape from Dr. Colosso,2. Colosso Revenge,3.The Colosso Secret, and 4.The Colosso Value Pack. Although parts of the game series were incomplete, I felt the need to release the game in small parts like chapbooks to encourage users to play along. The first part of the series was released in April 1996. Hundreds of copies have moved around the internet and I am starting to get feedback from people who want more details on the rest of the series. Well the series is now complete! Bounce around my web pages and look for my stuff on the World Wide Web. The Colosso hunt awaits!

  1. .) Escape from Dr. Colosso: This was part one in the series. It was first released in April of 1996. The story begins with our beautiful Red Princess being kidnapped by a mad scientist named Dr. Colosso. You must rescue her and save the world from this killer. The doctor is a hideous man who has made hundreds of men and monsters work for him and fight you with all they have. It's your life against theirs to reach our princess and destroy the mad doctor. You have friends along the way to help you and weapons to use for a good fight. If you can fight your way out from Colosso's dungeon, and follow the mad doctor through the portholes of time, you can win your princess back and make the world right. The adventure awaits you. Order the game today!

    Episode #1 Screen Shots!

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  2. .) Colosso Revenge: This was part two in the series released in December of 1996. The story continues from episode #1. If you didn't purchased the game you missed out on a lot of fun. After the princess has been saved you learned that the mad doctor has left his monster machine on overload. You must now race to stop the machine before the world is destroyed. You had better hurry. As long as the machine is running you can still save us all, but more men and monsters are being made to fight you.

    Episode #2 Screen Shots!

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  3. .) Colosso Secret: The final episode in the series was released in 2000. The world is safe now from Dr. Colosso, but you still have all these mindless men and monsters stalking you everywhere you turn. Your only hope to end this madness is to find the Colosso Secret! Return these creatures to the other side of the time gates, and close them in for good. Due to improved memory management the registered version had more graphics, more animations, and more monsters than any other episode in the series.

    Episode #3 Screen Shots!

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  4. .) Colosso Adventure The new Colosso Adventure includes the improved graphics and game play from the amazing programing improvements made over the years. It keeps the same classic game style and smooth action you have come to expect from the old Campana Productions games. Be sure to try the shareware version and watch the download page for the final game release. I promise you won't be sorry.Top of page

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