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Campana Productions

Graphic Design Studio

The studio was established in Gainesville Florida in 1987. Hundreds of hours were spent on endless pen and ink sketches. Many of these sketches were later made into larger scale paintings. The studio moved to its new location when airbrush work became popular. The airbrush work was great, but it was missing the dimensional aspect I was looking for. I began to experiment with computer graphics while taking design classes at the local Community College. The Dragon and Clipper ship became my companies trade mark in 1990. The first graphics packages were released shortly after. Look for my products on the web. Computer graphic prints numbered and signed, origonal oil paintings, acrylic and watercolor production art is also available. The first Colosso Adventure Games were released in 2000. DOS based games that spread across the internet. As time moves on new projects are always in the works. Now the lastest upgrade to the computer games is being recreated for your enjoyment. Look for the release date on this site.

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